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Inside Philanthropy: Grants Bring an Equity Lens to Urban Sustainability Work

There’s growing recognition in the philanthropy sector that the work of community development, sustainability and equity is overlapping. Robust, long term community revitalization must be inclusive, collaborative, rooted in locals’ experience and cross-sectoral. From Inside Philanthropy:

“As urban sustainability and livability features like green spaces, transit-oriented development, and walkable communities have become more popular, negative outcomes like spiking real estate and resulting displacement have followed.

That doesn’t mean such efforts shouldn’t be pursued, as they’re integral to ensuring cities can house growing populations while reducing carbon footprints and air and water pollution. Such gains also help attract and retain the skilled younger professionals that cities need to thrive. But it’s clear that this work must be infused with equity measures and informed by vulnerable communities. Otherwise, as Bill de Blasio once lamented, you create a ‘beautifully sustainable city that is the playground of the rich.’”

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