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Elevated Chicago Launch: “A Catalytic Moment” Symposium

In December, Elevated Chicago hosted a symposium on equitable transit-oriented development as part of their public launch around their initiative, which aims to transform the half-mile radius around transit stations into hubs of opportunity and connection across the region’s vast transit system.

The day was filled with presentations from community members, a panel discussion, and breakout sessions around equitable transit-oriented development: the intersection of health and the arts; displacement in communities of color; coordinating economic opportunity and climate resiliency.

To view videos and learn more about the symposium, check out this recap of the event.

A local artist and author even created a poem for the event:

“We’re counting on this system collapsing and beginning anew/ Empathize with us. On your feet place our shoes/ What if your children were kept out of the Loop” Tarnynon Onumonu,  Artist and author, Free Range (Read the full poem here).


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