Parks and Open Space Equity


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Equitable Transit-Oriented Development   ∗   Parks and Open Space Equity

Our Vision

We believe in a future where urban parks and open spaces are re-imagined and designed by communities as communal spaces for the benefit of supporting people’s physical and mental health and creating climate resilient, thriving, equitable neighborhoods. We see communities thriving in health, climate, and cultural resilience with ample access to community-designed recreational and natural spaces that strengthen the continuity of a neighborhood’s long-term economic stability for residents.

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Our Priorities

  • Advocate for community led-parks design and implementation, including establishing participatory budget processes for equitable parks system
  • Advocate for equitable parks systems and support spaces for conversation and anti-racist trainings for park agencies at the local, regional, and federal levels
  • Advance green investments for resilient neighborhoods (i.e. increase use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG/HUD), FEMA funds, Land and Water Conservation Fund, and Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership funds)

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