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Case Study: Mile High Connects (Denver)

This case study examines how SPARCC’s support empowered a collaborative in Denver, Mile High Connects (MHC), to foster relationships, streamline collaboration, and drive forward equity-centered changes in the Denver metropolitan region.

MHC worked to address displacement by focusing on advancing transit equity through community-driven development and community ownership. With SPARCC investments and support, MHC collaborated with a diverse mix of partners to generate more community power and encourage residents to participate in city planning processes, which included the democratization of data. In addition, MHC passed funds onto community organizations to support training, capacity building, and encourage more transparent processes.

Check out the case study here.

One success in this area, featured in the case study, focuses on when one partner institution changed its internal organizational practices to consistently let community groups know how and when they can testify, sign on to or write advocacy letters, and share their opinions with their city councilmember. MHC also contributed to several policy wins aimed at increasing affordable housing, tenant protections, and subsidized transit fares.

The case study also highlights several partnerships, strategies, and capital investments that MHC developed in partnership with SPARCC. These investments continue to drive systems change and support ongoing collaboration towards a healthier, more equitable Denver metropolitan region.