Restorative and Regenerative Economy


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Housing as a Human Right   ∗   Restorative and Regenerative Economy
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We envision a future where the lives, leadership, expertise, goals and intelligence of low-income and Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islanders and all people of color are supported and enhanced by an economic system that is democratic, just and adaptive. This economic system is based on abundance and communal self-determination for communities of color and all people. It acknowledges the restoration and healing necessary to repair relationships and create sustainable resilience that allows regeneration to be possible. This system recognizes the interrelationship between oneself, the environment, and the greater community and that advancing intersectional work is how we will achieve collective prosperity.

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  • Build from the ground up with an emphasis on relationships- creating space for intergenerational connections, supporting local workers and business owners, and developing strategies for closed-loop economies
  • Increase non-extractive lending with a focus on the role of community development financial institutions (CDFI) and philanthropy in accelerating support to Black, Brown and Indigenous developers, innovators and owners 
  • Center restorative justice and other healing practices, allocating health care and arts funds to address trauma and reconciliation 
  • Re-orient existing philanthropic funds to serve as a greater catalyst for community wealth building in  community development
  • Expand opportunities for communities to connect in healthy, vibrant, and green spaces

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