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SPARCC’s Community Ownership Peer Learning Series: Summary and Key Insights

In the fall of 2022, building on previous research, advocacy, webinars and grantmaking to supportcommunity ownership models, SPARCC convened a four-part series that brought together leadersfrom all six SPARCC metro areas for shared learning and support. Through workshops, peerpresentations, and discussion, the series sought to distill key aspects, challenges, and lessons fromthe field related to […]

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A Sunflower in the Garden: How SPARCC’s Policy Platform Inspired Collaboration and Clarity

By Sasha Forbes and Nick Collins At SPARCC’s inception, we knew policy—local, regional, and national—would be a critical component for long-term systems change. But that was met with the hard reality of the 2016 election, which put many policy advocates on the defense. Where we had high hopes for an administration to work with us […]

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RESEARCH: Equitable Capital, Experiments in Building a Finance System for All

By Sean Campbell The current financial system rewards the well-resourced and fails most BIPOC and low-income Americans. It simultaneously throws billions of dollars at unprofitable Silicon Valley companies while making capital inaccessible for small businesses and Main Street entrepreneurs. It has also done nothing to close our shameful racial wealth gap–indeed, it has made it […]

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Our Capital Investments

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been working closely with our site partners to fund projects that center communities–from transit stop adjacent soccer fields to community owned housing, how we allocate money has evolved. As part of that evolution, we work closely with community leaders in identifying opportunities, helping develop them further, and structuring flexible […]

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