Housing as a Human Right


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Housing as a Human Right 
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We envision a system that embraces housing as critical community infrastructure and as a human right essential to health and well-being. We call for a community-centered, environmentally sustainable and healthy housing system where everyone has a safe, accessible and affordable home.

Housing policy and investment must prioritize the leadership, ideas and needs of low-income and Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian and Pacific-Islanders and all people of color who together have power and access to adaptive financial resources to transform racially and economically unjust systems. It should address community needs across a spectrum, with a mix of choice and mobility for affordable housing that includes rental, limited equity and shared ownership arrangements, community ownership, and homeownership with access to community assetsincluding quality green space, medical services, transportation and fresh food. Local leaders and entrepreneurs together with regional networks must be empowered with the necessary resources to build community wealth and retain control at the neighborhood level.

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Priority Areas

  • Build Power: Enable community control and wealth creation 
  • Protect renters, homeowners and community stewards from displacement resulting from gentrification, or from climate-related or man-made disasters including sustained community disinvestment.  
  • Enable healthy and environmentally sustainable homes and neighborhoods as a standard that is universally accessible to low-income and communities of color (weatherization, efficiency, COVID-related health and indoor policies)
  • Preserve existing affordable housing

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