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Case Study: SPARCC Los Angeles

This case study digs into how SPARCC LA directed SPARCC resources towards the advancement of transit, housing, and economic justice. Through strategies like community land trusts, tenant protections, and small business preservation, SPARCC LA furthered its collective vision of ensuring low-income Los Angeles residents of color benefit from new investments in their communities.

SPARCC LA is led by five key partners who guide a collective of 35 member organizations to work together towards creating a more inclusive, equitable, and healthy region. Recognizing the importance of community involvement, SPARCC LA focused on building the capacity of community members to actively participate in policy processes. By funding groups traditionally not eligible for investments from mainstream philanthropy, they prompted changes in how funders and government entities approach community development work.

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SPARCC LA leveraged SPARCC resources to actively support policy changes that advance housing and transportation system reforms. Examples include the drafting and promotion of a progressive, transit-oriented community policy by LA Metro, investments in community land trusts, widespread eviction protections, investment in anti-harassment ordinances, and the development of a Transit Safety Advisory Committee with LA Metro.

SPARCC LA also contributed to community development systems change through innovative capital strategies, investments, and partnerships. These strategies ensured capital flowed to projects that supported racial equity, health, and climate resilience and created options for residents and businesses to remain in place and thrive.  This included four capital projects that underscore their commitment to combatting displacement and advancing the community land trust model in LA County.

By centering racial justice, empowering community members, and driving policy and practice changes, SPARCC LA contributed to community development systems change in LA county. This case study offers valuable insights and lessons on the transformative impact of SPARCC LA’s collaborative efforts.