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COVID-19 Resources for Communities and Stakeholders

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Impacts from COVID-19 and the accompanying economic strain will have far-reaching effects on our communities, especially those that have historically suffered disproportionately from under-investment and neglect.

As communities across the country come together to respond, the local and national partners at the Strong, Prosperous, and Resilient Communities Challenge are taking action – not only in response to what’s happening now, but to help build connections to foster future change. This crisis is revealing more than ever that our policy and community responses must center economic, social, health and racial equity.

We have links below to valuable resources from federal, state, regional and local partners and we will update these links as we learn more.

Mutual Aid Funds in SPARCC Cities: Ways to Support

>> What do we mean by mutual aid?

>> How to help your community with mutual aid

“Mutual aid projects are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions, not just through symbolic acts or putting pressure on their representatives in government, but by actually building new social relations that are more survivable.”

-Big Door Brigade

CARES Act Stimulus Package Highlights: What do I need to know?



Small Business Support:

State and Local Government Support:

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