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Justice Was Served; It Doesn’t Mean We Are Yet a Just Society

Black Lives Matter.

For the murder of George Floyd, justice has been served. While legal in nature, the guilty verdict in Chauvin’s trial was an important milestone in addressing decades of wrongs not just by police, but by the criminal justice system. For a country built on anti-Blackness, this is a step in the right direction. But this is not justice in its purest sense, and this does not mean we are yet a just society.

A just society is where no one is killed at the hands of law enforcement.
A just society is where anti-Blackness isn’t codified into law.
A just society is where each person’s life is sacred, valued, and beloved.

We need to collectively envision pathways to a more just society. Let’s continue working together to dismantle oppressive systems and ensure that we no longer endure these traumas.